Pearl Necklace Making//At Home//Hand Made Jewellery// Useful & Easy

Pearl Necklace Making//At Home//Hand Made Jewellery// Useful & Easy

hi viewers today i have shared you in this video how to make this beautiful gorgeous and elegent pearl necklace at home this is simple and easy to make every one can make this hand made pearl necklace very easily you can were this pearl beaded necklace in any ocation this will gives you a very trendy and classy look so i hope you love my idea

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๐Ÿ“ŒPearl Necklace:๐Ÿ“Œ

Meterials Are:
pearl beads 6mm, 8mm,
golden beads 4mm,
red pearl beads 8mm
2 needls
regular sweing thread
lobster clasp
jump ring

all pearl jewelry making kits and meterials are available in onlines or any crafts store

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Hope you understand the tutorial well if you have any quarries then comment me bellow. and if you love hand made jewellery's then you will definitely love this channel. bcos i always try to make handmade jewellery's with out any jewellery making tools. and i also provide easy tutorial for you

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