Wood burning with 2000 volts of electricity! (Lichtenberg Figures)

Making lightning tree figures (aka Lichtenberg Figures) using the transformer out of a microwave oven that produces about 2000 volts run on 120 VAC. A solution of sodium bicarbonate is painted on the wood to increase its conductivity, then the transformer is applied. The circuit creates an unpredictable, treelike burn pattern. Epoxy resin and glow-in-the-dark powder is then mixed and poured into the burn pattern for the glowing effect.

This video is for entertainment only. It is in no way instructional. DO NOT TRY OR ATTEMPT TO DUPLICATE, RECREATE, OR PERFORM ANYTHING SEEN IN THIS VIDEO. IT IS EXTREMELY DANGEROUS AND CAN KILL YOU. I am in no way responsible or liable for your actions as a result of the content in this video.

Seriously, read the comments section below. There are many reports of injury and death from attempting this.