How NOT To Pour Table Top Epoxy Resin & How To Fix Uncured Epoxy

What happens when epoxy is not mixed/poured properly? It usually results in Tacky Epoxy, Wavy Finishes, Soft Spots or Air Bubbles as described here:

In this example we were using Incredible Solutions Epoxy which calls for a 1:1 by volume mixture. We decided poured one project separated into 4 sections. One section was poured 55• when the directions call for 70-85 degree F. The next section was poured with 2 parts base resin and 1 part curing agent 2:1 mixture. The next was poured with 2 parts curing agent and 1 part base resin. Finally, we correctly poured a section. This will show how important following the direction flawlessly are imperative to a proper pour.

But what happens if you have tacky epoxy, soft spots in the finish, uneven epoxy or even air bubbles. At the end of the video we address how to fix these issues.