Peppa Mint DIY Shoppies Chocolate Chip EOS Lip Gloss

Making DIY EOS Lip Gloss is super easy and super fun, especially when you have awesome inspiration like Shopkins Shoppie Peppa Mint! I've made other DIY EOS crafts before, but I think this one is going to be super delicious and super special!! Chocolate and peppermint go so well together, so I decided to combine these two in a special Peppa Mint inspired EOS Lip Gloss craft!

This craft is super easy and the finished DIY EOS is super tasty like candy! There are Shopkins lip glosses that you can buy, but this is one you can make yourself! You do need to use a stove for this craft, so you'll need to ask a parent's permission, but with just a little bit of help, this craft is totally kid friendly and family friendly! This kids craft would be fun to do with friends as well!

Here's all the steps so that you can make your own Peppa Mint inspired EOS Lip Gloss at home!

1. Remove all the peppermint EOS from the container. Use a butterknife to slice off the top, and then pop the grid off and finish removing the lip gloss from the container into a small bowl.
2. Put a little bit of the lip gloss onto a q-tip, and smear it on the inside of the EOS container lid. Sprinkle some of the chocolate sprinkles onto the inside of the lid.
3. Line of the flat edge of the grid with the flat edge of the lid. Twist to screw the grid into place. The two flat edges should match up.
4. Put your small bowl of lip gloss and about a centimetre of green crayon into a saucepan with about an inch of water. Heat over a medium heat. Stir as you go, and keep going until everything is combined.
5. Pour your green mixture through the grid and into the lid. The bowl might be hot, so make sure to be really careful!
6. Put in the fridge!
7. Take the base of your EOS container, and line up the flat edges.
8. Press the two sides together until they snap into place.
9. Mix the green and white sparkles together into a small bowl. Paint the outside of your EOS container with clear Elmer’s glue, and then dip into the bowl of sparkles to coat. Leave to dry for an hour, and then repeat on the bottom side.

Peppa Mint DIY Shoppies Choc Chip EOS Lip Gloss

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