PROOF Philips Hue Is A MASSIVE Waste Of Money

It's time we stopped paying Philips Hue's extortionate prices. I've owned Philips Hue lights since before Alexa and Google Home existed, and I've always felt that despite the price of Philip's Hue's products they were a trusted brand and the best quality smart bulb on the market. I decided to challenge my own beliefs and do a side by side comparison with the far cheaper Novostella bulbs which use the Tuya Smart Life eco-system and don't require a hub. I did some digging on Tuya to see whether the Smart Life platform is likely to have the same longevity and the same reliability as the much bigger Philips Hue brand, and whether we could trust this platform to keep delivering for our smart home. You will be surprised at what I've discovered.

This video gives a side by side comparison on colour reproduction, response time, price, ease of use, and explores integration with other smart home products. This video explains everything that both products can do from IFTTT, to Google Assistant to Amazon Alexa. It will also explain how Philips Hue works, who Tuya are and how their business model operates.

I've explored the advantages and disadvantages to a system that doesn't require a hub, and given thought to the real world impact of a cloud based service and have concluded that spending the extra on Hue is just a massive waste of money. I think the facts are pretty compelling but what are your thoughts on my findings? Do you agree or disagree? If so why?

If you're looking for a Philips Hue alternative or you're looking for a Novostella Smart Light Bulb Review then look no further, I've got you covered ;) Novostella produce both B22 LED RGB Alexa Light Bulbs and E27 variants. Both also work with Google Home and IFTTT.

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