DIY Contour LED DESK Lamp

Making a cool LED desk lamp.

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Chest Vest -

-----------------------------------Materials Used-------------------------------------
Puck Lights -
- I used red oak
- See more options
- Veneer edge trimmer
(1/2 Sheet) of Oak plywood – Lamp Frame
Scrap Mahogany – Lamp base
Shrink Tube-
Light switch -
Power Supply -

----------------------------------- Tools Used------------------------------------------
Chest Vest -
Jawhourse Portable Material station-
Jig Saw –
T-Track Flex-Hold Arm -
Router -
Router bit kit-
Router table-
Push bloc-
Ryobi Bench sander
Drum sander kit -
Mini Travel Iron-
Soldiering iron kit

--------------------Camera and recording equipment I use -----------------------

Camera -
Mic -

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