How to make a Paper BB gun at home | paper pistol tutorial

Hello everyone, we come back again with a new gun called carp edge BB gun. This gun is made by paper. So from this video tutorial we will learn how to make a paper carp edge BB gun at home by following some easy steps. Any one can make this gun so easily. We not add any complex procedure to make this gun. It's seems that because of difficult trigger system some times it's become difficult to make a gun. We aren't add any trigger in this gun. Just use a part of popsicle stick.Now you just fire by using your finger touch. When you try this gun at home, then you should realize how easy this is! If you face any problem to make this Paper Carp edge BB gun at home, please feel free to share with us.
About our Channel:
AA the Ultimate Hacker is a YouTube channel that work with different types of DIY project, amazing scientific experiment and many more. Mainly AA the Ultimate Hacker work with different types of paper made weapon. Every single weapon has unique design and also has unique shooting style. From this channel you can easily learn, how to make a paper gun that shoots paper bullets with a trigger. We also made some weapon that shoots paper bullets without any trigger. Earlier of the story we told that we make different types of weapon. So to make thus weapon we needs different types of row material like 1.Tape 2. Paper 3. Popsicle sticks 4. Rubber band 5.Glue gun 6. Glue sticks and other. To make any Gun, the main elements are paper. We provide some unique shape by using multi color paper to make a Paper pistol. You can also learn how to make an origami gun that shoots paper bullets without blowing. In case of some weapon we use trigger for shooting and on the other hand we also use finger to shoots. Mainly we make two types of gun. First type can shoot paper bullet and another type can shoot rubber bands. But in case of shooting in both types rubber band is must necessary elements. In our future project we will show that, how to make a paper gun that shoots ninja stars. By watching our videos you can learn how to make a paper gun that shoots paper bullets step by step with pictures. From our videos you can also learn how to make a rubber band (elastic band shooter) gun out of paper. In our channel we made every video very easily for our viewers. From the video tutorial viewers can learn every single mechanism very easily without any confusion. In earlier we told that elastic band/rubber band is most necessary elements of a gun, so from our video you can learn how to make a rubber band gun that shoots paper bullets. We already made some popular Toy Gun/pistol model like, Paper BB gun, Paper Ak 47 Gun, Paper pistol, Paper shotgun, Paper mini Gun, Paper Co2 Gun, Paper pocket gun, Paper Pen gun, Paper Revolver, paper machine gun Rubber band gun and more. We also made a Gun that shoots eight Rubber bands. Hopefully latest gun model will coming soon. So keep watching and don’t forget to Like, Share and subscribe our channel. We appreciate your cooperation. So let's create something new! Stay safe and have a nice day. Enjoy!
Warning: Please don't aim to shoot people or animal
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