My Full Story with Amazon FBA | From $36,000 to BROKE | REVEALING MY WINNING PRODUCT

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My story with Amazon FBA, i made over $44,000 on amazon at 18 Years Old! Ive had my share of wins and loses. I teach you everything I did right and everything i did wrong. From how i started selling on amazon, to a success story, back to broke! What you need to know before starting AMAZON FBA! Double down your focus and reinvest your money back into more products or improving your current product. Dont "flex" on everyone and lose all your money ;)

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Paul J. Savage is an Amazon Fba business owner who is documenting the process of scaling online businesses from nothing to Multi-Million Dollar businesses. I take so much joy in transparently teaching like minded people how to escape corporate jobs and create passive income from online businesses and personal branding. Help me build the first Radically Transparent and Radically Open minded online Community of people who have each others back and constructively work towards whats true and what is not.