Chopsaw Table Project Part 1 of 2

If you have ever used a chop saw you will know the mess they make. Also, if you don't have a proper setup for using one it is quite a pain to move things around the workroom to make space, set up stands to support longer lengths to be cut and clean up afterward.

I came up with the idea of building a chop saw table on castors to address all of these problems in one neat solution.

My idea was to design a table that would work for most of the material I cut. The longer lengths may still need an auxiliary stand to help support the weight but it will work as is for most of my needs. I can park it out of the way in the workroom when not in use. I can wheel it outside onto the grass when I want to use it and just leave the dust out there, solving the clean up problem at the same time.

There is a video of the corner jig I used here:

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