How to Clean Silver Jewelry at Home Easily

Cleaning tarnished silver jewelry might seem like a time-consuming task, but some simple household products make for an easy clean. Learn how to clean silver jewelry at home using baking soda and vinegar.
Silver Polish and Cleaner:

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Over time, silver jewelry and cutlery tarnishes from the sulfur present in the air. Silver jewelry contains some copper, and the reaction between the copper and sulfur causes the jewelry to turn yellow, brown or even black. Sulfur is plucked from both air and water to form silver sulfide, which is that grey or black staining you see on silver coins, jewelry or ornaments.

Cleaning silver may sound like a laborious process, but in reality, cleaning and maintaining silver in the most environmentally sound way is quite easy—and you can do it without any special trips to the grocery store. And get this, it's actually pretty hands-off, so you can easily clean your silver using household products.

Silver jewelry and cutlery are precious possessions, so it's important to keep them clean and shiny! Make your silver jewelry sparkle again with our best way to cleaning silver. If you are wondering how to clean tarnished silver at home, then you should watch this video.

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