Should You Use Oil or Varnish to Finish Your Flooring? - Have you ever wondered: What should I treat my hardwood / engineered /solid wood floor with? How to apply a Varnish or how to apply a Hard Wax Oil? Or what's better a Varnish vs Oil? This video is for you, Ben O'Reilly from Wood Finishes Direct will outline the differences between varnishes and oils, give a few application tips and hopefully help you decide what Floor Finish one is right for you!

Varnishes: If you think of varnishes as a durable coating for your solid wood or engineered Wooden Floor, offering a great level of protection with minimal maintenance needs.

Oils: Oils Offer a more natural look and feel to your Flooring, may require more regular maintenance but are easier to patch repair and maintain their look better as they wear.

Products used in this video: - Osmo Polyx Oil - Manns Extra Tough Floor Varnish - Manns Lightfast Stain - Padco Snappy Applicator - Mako Paint Tray - Large - Manns Microfibre Cloth - Manns Finishing Pads

Products Featured: - Bona Mega Varnish - Fiddes Hard Wax Oils - Starcke Abrasives


Always use suitable protective equipment, and take due care while applying any of the products featured in these video’s.

All prices are accurate at time of the video going live.

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