How To Make Round Paper Flower DIY Paper Craft | artmypassion

How To Make Round Paper Flower - DIY Paper Craft | artmypassion

A tutorial on how to make paper flower very easy but lil time consuming,, 😅

Things required -

* Orange, dark pink, green
chart paper
* Glue
* Acrylic colour
* Metal wire

first cut chart paper into 14*14 Cm square shapes. fold it and draw a pattern as shown in video..
open it, this is a basic flower pattern.. make this same shape flowers for 25 times..
Take dark or faint shade of acrylic paint related to your flower colour, and apply it on end of the petals by sponge..apply colour very less portion at the end..
now twist a flower after half folding around the metal wire as shown. twist another flower around it.. repeat this process until 8 flowers are twisted..
Then food tge flower and cut the corner portion into small cut and insert it in wire and paste to the twisted flower base..
repeat this process for 8 flowers..
Then directly insert the remaining flowers into metal wire and paste it on previous flowers by glue.. then slowly spread the petals of a big round flower by hand as shown in video.. make them round..
Make green chart paper tube and insert in metal wire and fix it ..
make leaves and apply on tube by glue..
your Beautiful paper round flowers is ready..
u can make this in any colour 😊😊😊😊

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