How to Clean Your Exterior Windshield The Right Way!

Window cleaning, and specifically windshield cleaning, can be SO frustrating, because let's face it... the front exterior windshield takes the worst hit of most of our car! It is constantly being splattered with bugs, rocks, pollen, rain, sleet, snow, and anything else you can think of! That makes cleaning it a pretty difficult job, however it does not have to be as hard as we think. Window cleaning can be simplified in a big way, I think we just need to know HOW. Most of us just spray some window cleaner on there, and expect great results, and in this way we have OVER simplified it. Window cleaning can be done quickly, efficiently, and while yielding great results. Follow along as I explain how to properly clean exterior windows, and specifically the windshield, while I am on location at one of my regular clients house!

Meguiars synthetic express spray wax:

Stoner Window Shine Spray:

Window cleaning micro fiber towel:

Huck Towel (very tight weave):

Razor Blade Tool:

Steel Wool (very fine 0000):

Clay Bar: