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Don't you hate it when you look at your RDA and see that the wick is brown, or yellow, or green, basically a colour it shouldn't be.
To help you out we're going to tell you how to re-wick so that your RDA works as good as new.

First of all you're going to need a couple of things:
A Mod, an Atomiser, tweezers, some cotton and some paper towels.

So, step by step, we are going to tell you how to re-wick.

Firstly, start by taking the top off the atomiser while it is on your mod.
Make sure your mod is either locked or turned off.
Using the tweezers, take out the used cotton. Make sure you don't tug on the cotton too hard as this will re-shape the coil.
After taking out the cotton, place it on a sheet of paper towel and move to the side - you won't need this anymore.
With the other peice of paper towel, clean the juice well of the atomiser ensuring all e-liquid has been soaked up.
After all the e-liquid has been soaked up, you can now unlock or turn on your mod.
Now that the mod is good to use, fire up your RDA so that all the juice can be burnt off the coil. You will notice the juice has been burnt off when the coils glow. Don't worry if the is excess e-liquid firing from the coils, this will stop.
Take a small piece of cotton, roughly two inches in length, and roll it between your fingers untill it is very thing. When rolling, ensure that one end of the cotton has a pin point, this will be used to thread it through the coil.
Take the pinpoint end and thread it through the coil of the atomiser. Use your tweezers to gently pull it through until the is an even amount of cotton on both sides of the coil.
Tuck the cotton under the coil using the tweezers to help. The closer the cotton is to the coil, the better it will burn.
Dab e-liquid across the cotton so that it is fully saturated. You can then tuck any frays from the cotton into the atomiser so it is cleaner.
Now that this is done, attach the top to the atomiser and fire it up - you should be ready to vape.


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