OMG! Back to School? 11 Cool DIY School Hacks and School Supplies

Do you hear the school bell ringing? ‘Cause you’re about to put our amazing school hack ideas to good use! Discover ways on how to revive or reuse your old school supplies! Learn to organize your highlighters, make a cute cactus pocket out of those disposable cups and make a bookmark out of a clip and a rubber band! So stay tuned for even more amazing life hacks to get you back to school!

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00:04 Cheat Note in a Sharpener
01:24 Restore Pen with a Hairdryer
02:13 On-Cover Pocket
03:26 DIY Pen Case
04:31 Color Pencil Accessory
05:56 Tic Tac Toe Notebook
06:23 Highlighter Titles
07:03 Rubber Band Bookmark
08:10 DIY Backpack Decoration
08:57 Locker Cactus Cups
09:58 Stylish Pen Pocket

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