Clean your Air Jordan 1 with Clyde

Triple your treat to your Air Jordan 1 with Clyde!

How to Use?


1. Shake Well Before Use
Dilute cleaner to 1:4 parts of water.
Foam up the solution.

2. Dip brush then dab off to remove excess solution.

3. Scrub uppers with horsehair brush. Scrub soles with nylon brush.

Wipe, wipe, wipe as often as you Brush!

4. Do Not Saturate Solution | Let Dry.

Repeat when necessary but after a session of complete drying.

Pour a small amount of Clyde Leather de la Creme to make your leathers shine.

Lastly, Spray it with Clyde Odor Eliminator to make your sneakers fresh and odor-free!

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