DIY: Engine Bay Washing

Video tutorial on how to wash dirt, grease, or grim away from your engine bay. Make sure your engine is cool when doing this procedure. This is the same procedure used by vehicle dealership and many detailers. Many people do not realize but your engine is always exposed to moisture or water, especially in the rain or snow. This can be applied to both gasoline and diesel engines. This particular video was done on a 2000 Subaru Outback 2.5L 4 cylinder wagon.

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Time Lapse Engine Bay Washing 1:
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Tools/Supplies Needed:
-soap (used in the video is Spray Nine)
-plastic bags
-pressure washer or hose
-air compressor
-clean cloth

-first ensure that your engine is cool
-this procedure should not be done with the engine running or warm
-have your vehicle parked in a shaded area which will reduce the chance of the soap drying
-using a plastic bag, cover up any high risk components such as the alternator, fuse panel, coil pack, and distributor
-using a degreasing soap, spray down the engine
-allow the soap to soak for about five minutes, depending on how dirty the engine is
-using a pressure washer or hose, set it to the widest fan spray
-be careful around the areas you have bagged off and any areas where your engine fluids are added
-continue to rinse the engine off, washing away any dirt and debris
-rinse thoroughly to remove any soap residue
-once finished, inspect for any dirt which may be remaining
-if there is dirt remaining you can spray the engine again with the soap and use a brush if needed to agitate the built up dirt
-again rinse thoroughly
-once satisfied, use compressed air to blow away any water residue which will help dry the engine
-remove the plastic bags
-leave the hood open, park the vehicle in the sun and allow it to dry
-once done, your vehicle is ready to use

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