DIY Catch All / Valet tray / Smartphone Station Organizer [feat. Jord Wood Watches]

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How to build a DIY Catch All Valet Tray. Yep, thats simple and easy.

You know all those things that you carry around in your pockets all day everyday? The cell phone or smart phone. Wallet, car keys.
Plus the stuff you carry around on your person. Wedding ring and wrist watch. After a hard days work you come home and
pile it all on the counter or maybe on your bedside table or dresser. Only to be met with a wicked stare from you spouse
because that pile of lint and reciept infested stuff is always there.

Well no more my friends. Here is a do it yourself caddie that has a place for most of those things. I didn't include a spot
for lint and old crumpled reciepts however.

Whether you choose this design or something else just remember to be creative, have fun and add some character to whatever
area you call your home.

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