Building a Pergola, five days in 15 minutes (timelapse)

Took about 7 days after I got all hardware and wood onsite. A pergola is just a framework without a solid roof, almost anybody can build this type of structure, don't let anybody rip you off with some outrageous bid.
Lowe's home center, and Home Depot both bid this project and a local contractor, All were in couple thou from each other. We were in the middle of reconstruction of homes in the area after Hurricane Ike, and getting work like this done was hard to do. I was going to do the job myself anyway just wanted some bids. This video was not to bash contractors it's just to show you can do things yourself and save a little money. and by no means an instructional video. I filmed it for my grandkids to show them even at my age you can have fun building things. Thanks for your comments and have a great day.
I used all red cedar, stained and sealed to save natural color. I bought all materials from Bayou City Lumber, ask for Jim
These are links to some of the products I used to build this Pergola.