How To CLEAN 2008 Air Jordan VI “Carmine” Retros

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I don’t have the right “tools” (Mac Book) to edit my videos so I’m asking for forgiveness. This was all done with my iPhone XS Max and using iOS Apps.😁

These 2008 Air Jordan VI (6) “Carmine” Retros belong to a friend of mine. He got them from a friend for free and only wore them twice. He got the shoes “as is” with no box and it needed a good cleaning.

I used my method of cleaning and some extra things to touch up the shoes.

1. I used black acrylic paint and a small paint brush to touch up the black accents.

2. I used a Clorox Wipe to wipe up spots I missed.

3. I used the Medium Stiff Bristle Brush to brush up the Red fabric.

To have a detailed explanation on my method of cleaning and why I used the items I used, check out my other video:

My suggestion when storing shoes away:

1. If your Shoes are kept in a box or a container, use plain white gift wrapping tissue paper to separate the shoes (Like how they are wrapped when you first buy them), reduce moisture, and prevent paint or finish transfer (Especially if they will sit long and not be used).

2. If you are able to find “Silica Gel” Packets, put (1) packet in each shoe to reduce moisture. Silica Gel Packets, for those of you that don’t know, buy a pack of Beef Jerky, it’s that white packet that says “Do Not Eat”. Silica Gel absorbs moisture. You may be able to buy these online or at a hobby store.

These suggestions will help minimize and really prolong the oxidation on Leather, possibly the sole as well.

I have been doing this with my shoes for awhile now, so hope this helps you when you are ready to clean your shoes!

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