Handheld Router & Lichtenberg Projects Coca Cola Sign DIY

Router projects, a iconic Coca Cola sign for my Bar that Im building. Hand routered from a flooring joist taken from a skip/dumpster then burnt with electricity. Turned out great! Coke is it!

More pics here
Imgur http://imgur.com/gallery/2LZ7x

I cut the joist in half and then trimmed off the rotten ends, made some biscuit slots and used pva and sash clamps to make up the slab. Left overnight to dry. then planed and sanded.

Print out your deisgn using posteriza, the video for that is here https://youtu.be/hjPr-VDbkyo glue it together with pva/elmos/school and then stick it down onto your slab and leave to dry properly, any bumps should smooth out as it dries.

I used the very fine 30 degree cnc bits in my router to cut around the design using my ancient makita quarter inch router. Unfortunately the file was corrupted so no video of that part. Then switched to the bigger Hitachi and a 10mm double flute to remove most of the material. Once finished i used a 40 grit belt on the sander to rip off the paper. The Lichtenberg burning was done to achieve the effect. This was then painted over and then sanded back. I finished off with Osmo hard wax oil.

Makita Router https://goo.gl/6vNpIz
Hitachi Router M12ve https://goo.gl/8UZWtG
30 degree CNC bits & Router Collet reducer https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/323701993590
Makita M9400 Beltsander https://goo.gl/GwLi5Q
Makita finishing sander https://goo.gl/Un8AKT
Osmo https://amzn.to/2HvnwUA

I met someone the other day who had an accident with lichtenberg, very lucky to be here still, its very dangerous.