LOL Surprise Series 4 Wave 3 Boy Series Full Unboxing | Rare LOL Boy Scribbles | FAKE LOL

Hey TEAM! Today we are unboxing a FAKE LOL Surprise Series 99 Boy Series. In today's skit Unicorn Boy and Luxe Boy are wishing for more LOL boys just like them. They meet Scribbles who shows them a club where there are REAL LOL Surprise boys, Custom LOL Surprise Boys, and FAKE LOL Surprise boys. They then open a FAKE LOL Surprise Under wraps boy series capsule. But FAKE LOL Surprise Boy is badly made. The boys accept him anyway and together, they want to make LOL Surprise boys better at the factory. They have also made an LOL Surprise Boy Series Pop Bottle. Do you think they should also open that? Give this video a thumbs up to vote!

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Looking to complete your series 4 LOL collection? See the full list below:

LOL Surprise Series 4 Pets

The Glitterati
The Pony
Sugar Squeak
Sugar Sneak
Independent Queen
Madame Pup

Opposites Club
Dawn Pooch
Dusk Raven

Glam Club
Miss Skunk
Flower Doodle
Black Stripe

Chill Out Club
Snow Bunny
Cozy Kitty
Posh Pup

Theater Club
Angel Wings
Coco Hammy
Unipony (OMG!!!)
Ancient Queen

Athletic Club
Touchdown Rufferee
Hop Hop Sprints
Purrfect Spike
Short Stop Hop

Spirit Club
Teachers Owl

Nap Club
Le Skunk Bebe
Sleepy Buns
Sleeping Barky

Rock Club
Cheeky Hedgehog
Funky Kat
Punk H.O.G.
Grunge Skunnnk

LOL Surprise Series 4 Clubs & Dolls

Big Sisters

The Glitterati
Bling Queen
Kawaii Queen
Glamour Queen
Shimone Queen

Glam Club
As If Baby
The Great Baby
Suite Princess
Her Majesty

Chill Out Club
Big City B.B.
Babe in the Woods
Snow Bunny

Storybook Club
Kansas Q.T.

Athletic Club
Drag Racer
Caddy Q.T.
Sis Cheer
Sk8er Gurl

Retro Club
Soul Babe
Boogie Babe
Miss Jive

Pop Club
80's B.B.
Daring Diva
Oops Baby

Art Club
Pop Heart

Spooky Club
Bebe Bonita
Witchay Babay

The Glitterati:
Lil Goo-Goo Queen
Lil Bling Queen
Lil Kawaii Queen
Lil Shimone Queen

24k Gold:
Lil Luxe

Glam Club
Lil As If Baby
The Lil Great Baby
Lil Royal High-Ney
Lil Suite Princess

Chill Out Club
Lil Big City B.B.
Lil Babe In The Woods
Lil Snow Bunny

Storybook Club
Lil Kansas Q.T.
Lil Tinz
Lil Goodie
Lil Bhaddie

Athletic Club
Lil Drag Racer
Lil Spike
Lil Sk8er Boi

Retro Club
Lil Soul Babe
Lil Boogie Babe
Lil Miss Jive

Pop Club
Lil 80’s B.B.
Lil Fierce
Lil Daring Diva
Lil Oops Baby

Art Club
Lil Pop Heart
Lil Shapes
Lil Scribbles
Lil Splatters

Spooky Club
Lil Countess
Lil Thrilla
Lil Witchay Babay

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