Combo list

basic combos
These combos should be used when trading in lane, very basic standard
q - w weave in and out
e1 a minion - q auto trade - then e back
e1 into shroud q auto trade then e back

You can obviously use your e to jump over walls, however most people don't know you can use the e1 to make massive walls. This could be used to escape ganks
e1 jumping over walls mid

flash e1 - useful if their team is a 'front to back comp'. Use it to reposition yourself and hit the carry with your e instead of the tank/frontline. Also dodge abilities such as Ashe ult, then quickly punish her.

e1 - r- used to extend range of ult, used to gap close on an adc/carry.

r - flash - quick stun and burst, use it against non-suspecting players for a quick all-in

r - flash 2 people - stun two people, if your land the stun on the first champion, then instantly flash onto the next for an unsuspecting turn on another champion.

e1 - e2 - r: into another target: You want to e a tank engage, then as you're flying ult onto a carry, then burst combo.

e - r - flash: massive gap closer if done properly. Very quick and suprising.

r1 - e - normal weave (q and passive): simple all-in combo, make sure you e as they're stunned.

q - passive - ult - auto - e - e 2 - auto - ult: good for tower diving, and another all-in combo similar to previous.