Colorful Quantum dots Made Using Table Sugar

Over a year ago I put out my first video on making carbon based quantum dots using hydrothermal methods. While they were very interesting, the color choices were limited exclusively to the same shade of blue no matter what carbon source is used. So in this video we explore a different method that allows us to make different colors. This also gives us a chance to examine a particularly poorly written paper featured in a major journal and how we can make the science we present to the world easier to replicate. First the methods described in the paper are followed to show how simple changes in wording can make a massive difference in how the reaction is set up and progresses. In this case it's the difference between something being made, and nothing being made. We manage to syntehsize 2 new colors so our spectrum of colors now includes yellows and green. Oranges and reds are still difficult, so if I ever figure those out, they'll have to be in a future video.

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