How to Install Central Heating System. part5 Getting the heating upstairs DIY Vlog #14

In the last part of installing a central heating system we get the heating install upstairs. We run all the pipes upstairs and fit the radiators to the walls. We then finally tee into the downstairs heating to run the new pipes upstairs.

Where you can notch and drill floor joists -

I got my boiler and radiators through Mr Central Heating.
I bought one of the worcester deals but you will need to choose your own and work out your rooms BTU to find out what size radiators, and therefore, boiler you need. I also bought an Adey MagnaClean Micro 2.

Do it yourself and save money.
LCW DIY House Renovation Vlog, continuing the Fleetwood renovation, DIY style!

Tools and equipment used:-
► Rothenberger Pipeslice -
► Silverline Pipeslice (cheaper) -
► Adjustable Wrench Set -
► Irwin Vise-Grip -
► JG Speedfit 15mm Elbows -
► JG Speedfit Equal Tee x5 -

Music: Epidemic Sound -
► My Number One - Wildson feat. Ed Mills

► A One Way Ticket - Stonekeepers feat. Ed Mills