To Find Punk Wood, I Follow Keith H. Burgess’ Advice... also... Cleaning and Sharpening My Mora

Last week on an overcast day when I found a bright white Tulip Poplar branch on the ground, I knew that it had to be punk wood. I wanted to show you how much its light color stood out in comparison to everything else around it. Sadly though, on such a sunny day like today, the video was unable to capture the stark contrast.
Several years ago, I watched some videos by Keith H. Burgess about How To Find And Identify Punk Wood. He said that punk wood is many times some of the lightest or whitest colored materials in the forest. Since then, I've been able to located lots of it by scanning the forest floor and scanning the forest in general. I'm actually so keyed into the contrasting sight that many times when driving down the road and I can see punk wood in the forest or land that I happen to be driving by. LOL!
Let's get started today by showing you how I clean Fatwood off my knife and sharpen it, then we'll harvest that Tulip Poplar branch, char some of the punk wood, and try it out.... Please SUBSCRIBE at the end of the video. Thanks!

Char Cloth, Charred Punk Wood Playlist

Recognising/Identifying Punk Wood & More By Keith H. Burgess Part One..wmv