DIY Fun Logic Games For Concentration & Focus ( Pre writing,Motor skills, Number recognition)

DIY - Fun Logic Games For Concentration & Focus ( Pre-writing,Motor skills, Number recognition)

Here are the activities created for our Homeschool week for my 4 year old using simple paper,pen. There are visual discrimination, numbers, and pre-writing activities.

I am a mommy to two precious girls ages 4 and 5. An Engineering Graduate and Finance Postgradute from IIM Calcutta,by degree and a home-maker,home-schooler, blogger by passion After working in corporate for over 8 years, I embarked the journey of full time motherhood and then there was no turning back. Being a montessori inspired homeschooling mother, I love discovering new ways to make our learning creative, fun, hands-on and also on a Budget. I create lots of DIYs educational activties for my toddler and Pre-schooler and would be sharing the same on this platform with fellow mothers. Please feel free to connect with me for anything,I can help you with :).
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