Worldlawn Diamondback ZTR Mower ~ New ZTR Buyers Guide

Take advantage or our research to help you buy the best ZTR mower for your property/homestead. There are many, many pitfalls along the way to choosing the right ZTR, and getting the most mower for your hard earned money. This video is also a First Look review of the Worldlawn Diamondback 48" ZTR mower.

Found out why we chose the Diamondback as having the best value for the dollar compared to all the most popular names in our market including eXmark, Hustler, Huskvarna, John Deere, Ferris, Scag, Bad Boy, Spartan, Grasshopper, Toro, Kubota, Gravely, Dixie Chopper, Country Clipper, Snapper Pro, or Cub Cadet Commercial.

Time Stamps for Topics Covered in Video:
2:00 What does ZTR stand for?
3:15 Bottom line up front.
4:00 Most ZTR's made with the same components?
6:00 Why should I care what transmission my first ZTR has?
7:58 What is buying market share?
9:44 Why does the Worldlawn Diamondback give the most bang for your buck?
11:00 Beefy mowing deck on that thing!
12:00 Commercial upgrades in a residential priced mower.
12:11 Why do I want to tilt-up seat?
13:50 Don't damage your mower washing it!
14:10 Best way to clean the mowing deck.
15:15 Who is Worldlawn, where did they come from?
16:10 Worldlawn $1,500 cheaper than nearest competition?
16:26 How do I know what transmission is in the mower I'm looking at?
18:06 Can you really mow faster with a ZTR mower?
18:50 More commercial build quality cues of the Diamondback
20:25 Stamped decks on ZTR mowers?
20:42 What does a well built mowing deck look like?
21:46 More examples of well thought out quality features.
22:31 Alright already, what's it cost?
23:35 My buying decision factors.
24:50 Closing comments.

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