How do you usually spend a weekend? I love to spend time with friends and sometimes have guests at home. That’s why I love to cook something delicious and quick as also I need to clean my apartment and create a special atmosphere. Being a host is something like art. As I do not like to spend much time on cooking but I love delicious meals, I share cool recipes that will speed up your cooking routine and all your guests will be satisfied.
Delicious and easy appetizers are the key to success! You will love the easiest appetizer ever - chicken strips breaded with chips. Cut chicken breast in strips and mix with the sauce you like and bread with chips. Fry and enjoy. For breakfast you can cook caramelized bacon: soak bacon in coke and fry. I bet you haven\t expected how delicious it is!
Amaze your guests with super delicious desserts! You can easily make a super delicious milkshake. Place 2 snickers in a blender, add ice-cream and milk. Beat, cover with whipped cream and enjoy! Kids will love this dessert idea. Check out how to make colorful skittles vodka drink! Separate Skittles into flavors and place them in different bottles. Next, add vodka to the skittles and shake. You will find a recipe of vegan caviar and black ice-cream that is the perfect summer dessert. Mix heavy cream, sugar and activated charcoal in a large bowl. Beat the mixture and add dry rice, mix again. Enjoy!
I love cupcakes and the next idea is really cool - coke cupcakes. Yes, it may sound crazy but these cupcakes are truly perfect! In a bowl, mix flour, baking powder, cocoa powder, sugar, melted butter, eggs, and Coke.

00:09 Delicious chicken strips
01:09 Easy chocolate dessert
01:47 Snicker’s milkshake
02:52 Edible lip balms
05:36 Black ice-cream

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