A Decent Vise For My Rosa Drill Press | Restoration

This vise came for free with the Rosa drill press I restored a couple weeks back. This kind of vises are most commonly used on mills but I decided to clean this up and get it back to use anyway because it's very solid, with very little play and overall well made. URSUS is a quality italian brand, same brand as the other italian vise I restored a while back (FZA).
The vise was already in pretty good shape, with just one broken bolt in the fixed jaw. Unfortunately it's made of cast iron, so there's not much I can do to fix the various drill holes on the bottom. The only fix I can think of would be some kind of epoxy resin as you can't weld holes in cast iron, not with stick welding at least! Of coure it can be brazed but I don't have the skill and equipment to do so at the moment.

Index of operation and materials:
0:11 Penetrating oil
1:20 I thought this was a dovetail... Time to engage brain!
2:20 Degreaser
2:47 Remove the thin film of rust on the exposed cast iron with wire wheel (cast iron does not rust deeply)
3:16 Small wire bit on the die grinder helps with hard to reach areas
3:31 Nitro solvant to degreas and clean before paint
3:35 Hammered finish black paint, same as the drill press
Clean small parts easily with ultrasonic cleaner
4:18 15min in nitro solvant to degreat and clean
4:40 15min in rust removal fluid to remove any rust
I use plastinc cups so I don't have to fill the entire ultrasonic cleaner with chemicals
5:15 Blackening the parts with cold blue
5:34 Final coat of oil
5:47 Cleaning threads with appropriate size tap
6:18 More degreaser
7:18 Thin anti-seize oil applied to all exposed steel surfaces
Making fixture for the drill press T slot
9:40 5mm thick mild steel bar stock
9:50 Cut two pieces with metal cutting band saw
10:05 Drill necessary holes
10:33 Tap for M8 bolt
10:46 Cut cornes and smooth those out with the 2x72 belt grinder
11:15 Removing mill scales and zinc coating from hardware with muriatic acid.
If you are looking to do this use care, do it outside in ventilated area and with all ppe, it's very bad stuff.
11:34 Neutralize acid with sodium bicarbonate
11:46 More cold blue

Thanks a lot for watching, I hope you liked the video!
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