Create Resin Geode Coasters with Amethyst, Pigment, Tint and Glitter DIY Art Tutorial

DIY Tutorial : Amethyst Resin Geode Coasters
Geodes by
Instagram: TarynTrueArt

This video shows the process for making DIY Amethyst Resin Geode Coasters.
To download the diagram, visit:

Supplies: Plastic furniture cover, duct tape, printed diagram
Mixing: Cups, Popsicle Sticks, Clear Silicone Caulk
Embellishments: Glitter
Colors: Resin Tint, Pigment
Resin: Artworks Resin by

For a detailed, full length video with voiceovers on the creation of a Trueform Geode, visit

*Music created by TarynTrueArt in Reason8*