Decorative tray Resin | Cristals & cells DIY TUTORIAL

Hi! Here is my own way to pour resin, add cristals and get cells on a small tray.
I was so frustrated to see that the resin flow in the center...
Note: Use a flat bottom tray, not like mine..
But it went ok, the colors are great.
This video is a collab with ResinPro ☞
I'm a French resin artist who make decorative trays and different artworks, follow me on intagram to see more :)
Hope you enjoy my video.
Excuse my English if i've made mistakes in quotes during the video.

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● Safety precautions to use resin ☞

● I use 160gr of resin (100 resin + 60 hardener 100/60 ratio for this brand) on a 25 cm tray.


Some product mentioned may not be shipped worldwide.
(I live in France so i use what i can use)
They're many brands who do resin and pigment!

●ArtProresin is from ResinPro
●Pigment i use to add color in the resin:
-pigment paste and gold metal powder are from ResinPro ☞
-mica pigments are also from ResinPro ☞
●Fake acrylic cristals ☞
●Crushed glass cames from my local decoration store (or here )
, the tray too.
●Heat gun to heat the resin like i do in the video ☞
●Rubbin alcohol/isopropyl alcohol

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