How I Clean My New Piercings l College Day In My l Life First Vlog Ever

Welcome to my vlog! In today's video I take you through a typical college day in my life. My life isn't too exciting, but it is what it is! I promise I have more entertaining videos coming! I also show you my new piercings I got for migraines/headaches and anxiety. These ear piercings have made a huge difference in my life! I show you how to properly clean them, as well! If you struggle with migraines or anxiety, I highly recommend the Shen Men piercing and the Daith piercing :) I think I forgot to mention that I got them both done at the same time at a local tattoo shop.

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I am a junior at Brigham Young University-Idaho (BYUI) studying English. I have been married for almost two years, and I absolutely love it! Being a wife is the best! This channel is for documenting my day-to-day life, plus other videos, such as hair, makeup, fashion, thrifting, food, etc. During the summer I work at a humane society, where I love helping animals, especially dogs. I have my own little puppy I rescued in November from a shelter. She is the cutest! I believe she is Pomeranian, Shih Tzu mix (from what the previous owner said), but I also think she's part Papillon. Let me know what you think! Subscribe to see more of her!