UX Design How To Get Your First Job!

Hey! 👋Are you looking to score your first UX Design job? 🔍Making a career transition and unsure how to find work after re-training in UX? In this video, senior UX / Product Designer, Dee, offers 3 key areas to focus on, and teaches you the inside scoop on what you should be doing to find work at the early stages of your User Experience Design Career.

Dee offers key areas for starting out in the UX design job market:

🛠️(00:46) - How to build your network!

🔎(03:50) - What hiring managers / employers are actually looking for!

😁(06:03) - How do you find work with little or no experience?

Along with 3 super secret tips to help implement the key points from the video!

What do you think? Are Dee's tips helpful? What insights can you offer for someone looking to start their career?

Also, here are the links and resources we feature in the video:

📆- Meetup.com - https://www.meetup.com/
⚙️- UX Mastery - https://uxmastery.com/

Portfolios (Featured):
⚡Nuno Coelho Santos - https://nunocoelhosantos.com/
⭐Simon Pan - http://simonpan.com/
🔥Hera Saqib - http://www.herasaqib.co.uk/

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UX Design - How To Get Your First Job! :