Ugh meme |100k Special| Fanart Ver.

Do NOT!!! put it into Compilations and DON'T Re-Upload. if you did, I will immedietly take down the video.I won't even bother on commenting to remove it.
im sorry ,the images is so fast lol, i have to fit all the fanarts XD. total of fanarts are 145 freaking alot and happy!
Your beautiful fanarts is finally here ♥♥♥. their all wonderful and it made me so happy :') Thank you so much! i dont care if you think it sucks i still love it and i love you guys for supporting and caring for me :;3

if your fanart isn't here, I'm so sorry if it didnt get thru :( it must have been that you didn't tag me,you didn't put it on the right channels, or you made a youtube video of it.
i didn't add fanart videos cause my computer can't take it and it's so slooooww.I'm sorry if i didn't add yours q3q

i don't own the music , it belongs to the respected owners, I just own the animation.

Original meme by: chitam i put a bit of inspirations :3

Song link:

Time taken:6 days
Software Used: Clip Studio Paint Ex , Adobe premiere pro,Adobe After Effects.

undertale by tobyfox

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