How A Pencil Planet Is Made | An Epoxy Resin Project

Usually, slime Sam and his human friend Sue make crafts on their own. But this time, they decided to try something new. And their neighbor, crafty Rodger, agreed to help them with it. They are making a pencil planet!

First, Sam and Sue make the base. They glue lots of pencils to a cardboard circle. The pencils are of different sizes to make it look like fireworks of color! Then, Sue glues a wall around the pencils and makes sure there aren't any gaps. Because the next step is to pour some epoxy resin inside! The resin needs to set in a vacuum chamber and that's where Roger comes in.

Roger uses a vacuum chamber to make sure the resin sets properly. Then he takes it out of the mold and starts shaping it with special equipment. He shapes it like a sphere. And since the resin is transparent, all the colorful pencils are clearly visible inside. There are pretty bubbles in there, too! The last step is to polish the sphere with sandpaper.

Sam and Sue are delighted. This is a very beautiful piece of decor!

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