No More 2 Bucket Wash Method! Stop Wasting Your Customer's Time

The 2 bucket wash method is by far the most popular way to "properly" wash a car in the auto detailing world... but does it really work like everyone says? In this video, I share why I really do not like the two bucket wash method as much as other detailers, and I share the way that I get around using the 2 bucket wash method when I detail my client's cars, and how I get great, and even BETTER results! Once again, Optimum No Rinse makes a strong appearance in this video, because there is no way of getting around it, ONR wash and wax is just an amazing product for more than we think! Follow along as I share why I do not use the two bucket wash method, and how I properly wash cars with optimum no rinse, and get superior results!

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