Testing 5 Automotive Carpet Cleaners Satisfying Results

Here I am putting 5 different car / auto carpet and mat cleaners to the test. Find out which one of these popular brands is best for your carpets, floormats, and upholstery.

Oxi Clean Total Interior

Turtle Wax Power Out! Carpet & Mats

Shout Auto Multi-Purpose Interior Cleaner

Lifter - 1 Carpet Stain & Spot Remover

Scrubbing Bubbles Bathroom Cleaner.

This is also a nice video to watch if you are wondering how to clean your cars carpeting. I started by vacuuming the carpet. Most of the directions said to wipe with a rag but I found that wiping with a damp rag produced better results. Remember to read all warnings on the package, most of these recommend gloves and adequate ventilation.

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