Easy DIY Wood Craft Projects (CUTE HOUSE) Woodworking Ideas

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Watch us make an Easy DIY wood craft project that's great for personalized gifts or for decorating your own home. Today we're making a little wooden art house from our series of wonky houses.

Today's cute house is a more angular quirky home painted white with some black shading. It's the white wonky house! 🎪

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The wonky white house is an easy DIY wood craft project ideal for beginners. We used an electric saw and sander but it could just as easily have been made with hand tools for woodworking.

Let us know if you decide to make a wonky house of your own as we would love to see your work.

Some areas we plan to focus on at the sodalimon woodworking studio include..

How to make easy custom gifts.
Making wooden crafts.
DIY Art House tutorials.
How to use woodworking tools.
and much more.

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