Top 5 Best Fortnite Dances of Every Season | Chapter 1 2

►Top 5 Best Fortnite Dances of Every Season | Chapter 1-2

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Old Dance Moves Music By Ozomini:
8- Bit Dance Moves By KewlNerd20X6:
Bass Boosted Default Dance By Koxiu!:
Ha Sound Effect By Pedro Alagoa:

•Season 1
Dance Moves, Default Dance,8- Bit Dance Moves, Bass Boosted, OOF

•Season 2
Floss, Fresh, Ride The Pony, The Worm, Electro Shuffle

•Season 3
The robot, Take The L, Best Mate, Flapper, Wiggle

•Season 4
Orange Justice, Freestylin', True Heart, Hype, Zany

•Season 5
Breakdown, Twist, Intensity, BoogieDown, Living Large

•Season 6
Flamenco, Smooth Moves, Electro Swing, Running Man, Drop The Bass

•Season 7
Marshwalk, Crackdown, Phone It In, Daydream, Slick

•Season 8
Scenario, Fire Spinner, Dream Feet, Switchstep, Dance Off

•Season 9
Billy Bounce, Glitter, Crabby, Work It, Sugar Rush

•Season 10 - X
Infectious, Laser Blast, Stride, Windmill Floss, Breakneck

•Chapter 2 Season 1 (Season 11)
Droop, Island Vibes, Zombiefied, Disc Spinner, Ballsy

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