Building a Queen Sized Bed Frame with Headboard

Making a queen sized bed frame and headboard for Brantley's new apartment. If there is real interest we can potentially draw up some plans, but we were mostly winging with how we felt it should look after looking at some plans online.


Rough wood and dimensions. Be advised this is giving general guidelines as to what we did. We had to make edits as we went along. This is mostly from memory. If there is general interest we can probably remeasure the bed for exact dimensions of what this one came out to be:
6 1x4x10 slats: 52" cuts. Can be up to 54" If you want more overhang from the side panels. May need to do some final trimming as it's better to err on the side of too large then too small when making the intial cut. We recommend sketching it out first.

1 or 2 Width frame boards. Amount depends on how wide you select for the slats: 2x8x10 55" cuts. Needs to around 1 1/2 inches or less larger than the 1x4 slats.

2 2x8x10 Length frame boards: 75" cuts. Again, if you would like this a little longer for more overhang from the mattress you can add another inch or so.
1 2x4x10 Center frame slat support: 75" or whatever the length you selected on the frame boards. Better to be a little longer and need to cut down than not long enough. I would cut this 1/4 or 1/8 inch longer to make sure it's snug before screwing in
2 2x6x10 Length top edge: 80 1/2" cut.

1 2x6x10 Width top edge for bottom of bed: 52" and add whatever you added for the width frame board

1 2x2x10 Width top edge for top of bed where attaching the headboard: 63" and add whatever you added for the width frame board

2 2x2x10 slat runners: 75"

Wood Glue, biscuits(if doing biscuit joining) or pockethole screws(if wanting to do pocket holes), finish, 2-1/2 wood screws for attaching the headboard and runners. Save the off cuts for filling in the headboard.


1/2 or 1/4 sheet of plywood cut to the width of the bed, and height desired. We used something like 30 inches.
1 2x6x8(or you might have some off cuts from the bed frame depending on how high you want it to go. We cut the legs to something like 36" to extend 6 inches down past the headboard.
1 2x4x8 Cut to the width of the bed for the top accent
1 2x6x8 Cut to the width of the bed for putting on top of the 2x4 as the top accent
Fill in the open space as desired with off cuts of the bed frame and headboard.