The Truth About Air Fresheners! Useful Ways to Keep Your Home Clean & Fresh (Clean My Space)

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Are you hooked on air fresheners (or terrified of them)?
Here's the real deal on air fresheners and some ideas for you to clean the air in your home for zero dollars!

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What do shoes, carpets, drapes, dogs, chairs, onions, dirty laundry, beds and fish have in common?

They all make your house smell bad and believe me when I say there's like 150 other things in your home right now that are adding to what's called the 'scent signature' of your home.

Well, the reality is that your scent signature can quickly become your stank signature -- and when that happens, many of us run off to the store to purchase the different products that are conveniently packaged and placed in their own little aisle to solve our 'problem'.

CHECK THE BLOG for the list of free, natural ways you can remedy odours in your home as well as some articles citing research done on the effects of these products. We've also put a list together of indoor house plants that purify the air and are safe for pets.

Let us know if you prefer the smell of nothing in your home, or if you have a natural scent that you love to pieces!