DIY Concrete Planters

Today I'm going to show you how to make your very own concrete planters! These geometric shaped planters and fairly easy to make and a great way to save money.

You can also purchase the molds on Amazon ( for only $5-$15 if you want to save yourself some time!

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DIY Concrete Planters

This first thing we’re going to do is create our molds (2”, 2.5”). I used a plastic folder I bought from staples for $2. If you choose to use a folder, make sure it is solid plastic as many binders are made of cardboard that is wrapped in plastic.

When choosing a material to make your mold, it is also very important that is has a perfectly smooth surface as any pattern or imperfection will be visible when the concrete dries.

I have also seen a few concrete planter videos where people use cardstock to create their mold, and I highly recommend against it for a couple reasons. The first time I made these planters I used cardstock and First of all, as concrete has high water content, the cardstock will absorb it. Cardstock is also not as sturdy, so the corners were not as crisp and the sides were not as smooth.

For this design, you’ll need 8 triangles and 5 squares. Using packing tape (or duct tape, or tuct tape) begin piecing your mold together doing triangle, square, triangle square. You can seen the pattern coming together here.

Make sure your seams don’t have any gaps in them as these little imperfections will be more prominent when it dries.

Once your pieces are all put together, make sure ALL of your seams are sealed with tape to prevent leaks.

Trim the tape at the top of your mold to make sure it doesn’t leave any impressions in the concrete.

Repeat these steps with a 2.5” diameter


Before we mix our quikcrete, we need to make spacers for where our plant is going to go. I’m going to use a toilet paper roll, cut in two and then cover the sides and one end with tape.

Now it’s time to mix our concrete. I used quikcrete, which I got for $4 from Home Depot and all you have to do is add water. When adding water, less is definitely more. Start with a little and slowly add more until your mix reaches the consistency of oatmeal.

As you add the mix to your mold, it is super important to agitate and vibrate it. This helps the air bubbles rise to the top and prevents pinholes from showing up in the finished concrete.

Once it’s almost full, gently push down the toilet paper roll into the form and fill up the sides if necessary.
Place screws, or rocks, or marbles in the tube to prevent it from floating and shifting.

Now…we wait.

Now for the grand reveal! Empty out the screws and pull out the toilet paper roll. Piece by piece, peal off the plastic to reveal your snazzy new planter!

You may wish to use 200-400 grit sanding pads to gently scrub the top and edges to give it a smoother finish. This step is not necessary, just personal preference.

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