Laminate Flooring Installation Tips: Best Way To Start, and Handling Problems

Adam (who does not really dance in the video) goes over some issues a customer asked about, showing us great details on how to start the first rows, handling previous planks unlocking as you proceed, leaving your active row not fully engaged, and more. As good to see before you start as it is after you're frustrated.

Not every locking system is the same. Each has its own specifics, so look at this video for tips but check your own instructions to see if all of them apply to your particular floor.

For Quick2000:

Using a Tapping Block:
(go to about 2:25 to see how to use a piece of your floor instead of the tapping block)

More resources on Laminate Flooring:

The one we used here - Vanilla Maple from Timeless Elegance, is out of stock. These are close matches:
Timber Ridge Sand Dune
Grand Illusions Canadian Maple

0:31 - Locking the first row
1:32 - Move first rows out (and why!)
2:15 - Current row staying "up" a bit...
3:00 - Connecting longways after the ends are already together
3:22 - Keeping planks from unlocking as you go
5:28 - Pushing back to the wall
5:56 - Board and installation directions

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