Magic Trick With Swords Revealed! 🎩 Cardboard DIY

Abracadabra! Behold the great magician Slick Slime Sam! He can do amazing things... when he's in the right mood and the moon is in the right position. That's probably why his awesome trick doesn't work today.

It's a good thing he has his friend Sue to help him out. Together, they'll make the amazing magical trick with swords. Watch the video to the end to see the trick revealed!

You can make this fun craft yourself! The things you will need are thick cardboard, hot glue, popsicle sticks and pieces of straw. You will need to make a case to hide your assistant (Sam has a very beautiful assistant, right?). The holes in the case should be made at certain spots. Watch Sue carefully as she makes them. Then you'll need to craft the swords - don't worry, they aren't sharp, everyone is safe. You'll need a half of the popsicle stick and a piece of a straw to make one sword. Paint the stick silver to make it look like a real sword!

Once everything's assembled, insert the swords into the openings. When you get them out, your assistant will be unharmed! Magic!

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This video has English subtitles for your convenience!

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