Wooden sticks cup pads little diy with sticks and tape

Materials: Wooden sticks and tapes
The tape can be remove, you can remove the tape whenever you don't want this diy wooden stick cup pads. And you don't need to trash those wooden sticks, use it for your next diy/project. I didn't use glue g** to put those sticks together, because it's very messy to use it and take a lot of time. I found that by using tape, you can roll up those "cup pad", easy for storage.
The canvas wood frame, I thought I would need it but I didn't, I was struggling and planning as I go.

Music is from YouTube (add details top left corner the music icon) 《Morning Walk》Jugle Punks Time: 01:01 Happy Theme
The music only played to 01:0, after this is the video's original sound (time lapsed by 2x).