BEING SHORT: PROS AND CONS. Short girl problems || Relatable facts by 5 Minute FUN

Short girls have some problems. But sometimes being short is a good thing as well.
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Cons of being short:
0:17 Short girl needs help getting a thing off the top shelf
0:26 Short person is not seen on the selfie with friends
1:12 Adult clothes is too big for a short girl
1:36 The short person is always bothered by tall people in the cinema
2:09 The doorbell's too high for a short girl
2:29 The dining table is too high for a short person
2:50 It's not easy to walk together with a short person
3:06 It's easy for short girl to get lost

Pros of being short:
0:53 A short girl doesn't hit her head
1:04 It's easy to find a shadow for a short girl
1:28 Short girl can buy chip kids clothes
1:50 It's fun to hug a short person
2:42 It's easy to hide for a short person

3:30 No matter how tall you are BE HAPPY


Do you have short friends? Put their names in the comments and send them the video to relate =)
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