How to Remove a Rounded Bolt or a Broken Bolt in a deep hole

In this video i show you how to Remove a rounded bolt head .

I also show you
1. How to remove a rounded nut
2. How to remove a rusted bolt without rounding it off
3. How to remove a bolt with no head
4. How to to use a bolt extractor
5. How to remove stuck or seized bolts with heat and WD40
6. how to use a left handed drill bit
7. How to remove a broken off bolt in a deep hole

Rounded bolt removal is a tedious job so as broken bolt removal. Here in this video i show you my top 5 tools to remove rounded bolts so hopefully this will be a guidance for those in need of a little helping hand.

Bolt Extractor Set
Bolt Extractor Set ( Low Profile )
Bolt Extractor Set ( Deep Socket)
Adjustable pliers
Cold chisel
Manual impact driver
Impact wrench
Spiral Extractor and Drill Bit Set
Extractor wrench set
Multi-Spline Screw Extractor Set
Striking cap screwdriver set (cheap set)
Square shaft extractors
Straight teeth bolt Extractor Socket Set

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