Schneppa Glass Recycled Crushed Glass & Glow Stones For Concrete

Recycled Crushed Glass Melbourne | Sydney | Brisbane | Australia
Glow In The Dark Concrete Melbourne | Sydney | Brisbane | Australia

Schneppa Glass™ is a specialist supplier in the field of environmentally friendly recycled glass products and premium grade photoluminescent stones.

Starting off as a supplier of Recycled Crushed Glass, Schneppa Glass™ has expanded its range of quality products, which now include Mirror Glass, Fire Glass, Glass Landscaping Rocks and Glow in the Dark Stones.

We source only the finest quality aggregates from both within Australia and across the world. We cater for all sized order requirements, from small domestic jobs to large commercial builds.

Polished Concrete featuring 100% Recycled Crushed Glass @

Schneppa Glass is a specialty supplier of recycled glass and premium quality glow products that have been specially formulated and treated for use in a range of concrete applications.

Whatever the application is that you have in mind, be it polished concrete floors, polished concrete bench tops, exposed aggregate concrete, terrazzo flooring & bench tops or resin glass flooring, our PolyGlow glow stones and our range of quality coloured glass will be sure to impress and amaze all of those that have the pleasure of viewing it.

*Our Glass Is Recycled - Environmentally Friendly*

Glass doesn't break down and disintegrate like other products in landfill. Recycling glass is of great benefit to the environment.

Available: Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide and all others around Australia.


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