How To Clean Power Tools and Equipment...Easily

How to Clean Glue Off Clamps & Tools Easily! To keep your tools and clamps looking new just use Gorilla Wipes. Goodbye grubby old tools covered in glue and dirt...Hello clean clamps and tools ready to use!

Gorilla wipes are awesome to clean your hands, tools or surfaces. They work on silicone, adhesive, wood glue, PVA, PU, oil, grease, tar, ink, gorilla glue, superglue, dirt, grime, expansion foam, Gripfill....the list is endless.

Gorilla Wipes® are one of the original industrial cleaning wipes in the market for both hands and surfaces. Over the years there have been many imitation products claiming to be as good if not better. Our customers say this is not the case and when they have tried other brands they always revert back to Gorilla Wipes®.

Unlike most other products, Gorilla Wipes® are Tough, Reliable, Anti-Bacterial. They kill 99% of bacteria and have a 100% money back guarantee.

Virtually everyone has an application for Gorilla Wipes®:
Service Engineers
Breakdown Services
Telecom Engineers

Recent years have seen other makes reducing their quality and increasing the quantity of wipes in their tubs. We have resisted this to ensure that our product is of the highest standard possible. They are dermatologically tested and conform with EU safety standards.

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